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    Oliver C Joseph felt he knew how to treat the former Wagner customers and decided to remove every former employee within weeks. I remember the very first night of his ownership he told everyone if you don’t like how he runs things you could leave things that night. He refused to follow the recommendations of General Motors and sales slipped every month. I wish Cardinal Buick Gmc all the success in the world and I know many of the former Wagner customers will return. Thanks again for bringing a great sales, service and parts department back to Belleville.

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    He was a heck of a respected car guy in Texas. Good luck to him!

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    I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Jones as my first position in sales. My first thought was what did I get myself into followed a experience of the brilliance in his methods, to a growing student in this business which I love now. Throughout my life I have been intrigued with leaders who are good in their trade but Rick Jones is on another level. Not only is he a master in his craft he truly cares about his employees success. Without a doubt Cardinal Buick GMC will thrive. Belleville is in for a ride!


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