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    Tina DiMonte

    Dear Mr. Cappo, It is my understanding that your company recently purchased Serra Honda in Birmingham, Alabama, now known as Freeway Honda, 1813 Ensley Avenue, Birmingham, AL 35218. I purchased two CRVs from Serra Honda. The last one was purchased the first of March 2015. During negotiations with Serra Honda, I was given 5 free oil & filter changes. Because it is time to get my oil and filter changed, I spoke with the Service Manager with Freeway Honda (205) 949-5457, John Bordon, who informed me that Freeway Honda would give me one free O&F change, but that Freeway Honda would “not honor” Serra’s negotiations with me for 5 free O&F changes.

    Serra Honda was a very good dealership. The people were nice and the service department was unbeatable. Serra Honda was an honorable business. It doesn’t look like Victory Automotive Group, the parent of Freeway Honda, is going to be an honorable business.

    By the way, did you know that neither Freeway Honda nor Victory Automotive Group are qualified to do business in Alabama?

    May I hear from you regarding my complaint?
    Tina M. DiMonte

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      Miss taken

      You should try the corporate website…I’m sure he isn’t watching this one.

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    What part of “under new ownership” did you miss?

    If the old management was so wonderful they would be making so much money that they would never have sold the dealership.

    Let me try to explain this another way:
    If a McDonald’s moved to a new location and a “mom and pop” restaurant opened in that location you wouldn’t expect to be able to buy a Big Mac there, would you?

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      How true lol


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