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    Cameron Tigg

    I have recently had the pleasure of meeting and shaking hands with Mark he just purchased our hometown dealership group in Columbia. Joe Machens dealership group. He is a very nice guy and I look forward to years of success.

    Cameron Tigg
    Joe Machens Toyota.

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      Alysha Webb

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, Mark is a nice guy. He and I share an interest in China’s auto business, but he is very knowledgeable about the U.S. market as well. I’m sure he will be successful in his latest venture here in the U.S.

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    David Melegrito

    We bought our 2016 Camry Le from Machens(your new car dealership in Columbia,MO.)
    last May of this year and really enjoy driving the car everyday. However, until now we have
    not resolved the existing problem in our sales contract.We have talked to the sales manager
    several times and assured us that everything has been taken cared of,but to no avail!!.
    We would appreciate your help and hope to hear from you, Mr Mclarty. _ David Melegrito/573-474-8334.

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      Alysha Webb

      Thanks David, I will pass your note on to Mark.

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    Is it possible to speak with Mr. McLarty or an associate? We recently purchased one of multiple autos from Columbia’s store and it has been a very unpleasant buying experience. I believe it could be cleared up ASAP if we could only speak directly to one of the owners who’ve purchased the Columbia store. Thank you.

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      Alysha Webb

      Thanks for your comment. I passed your remark on to Mark. Please let me know if you hear from him, or if you do not.

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    Tom Cline

    My name is Tom Cline, I have lived in CA for 35 years and have managed some of the most profitable dealers in NorCal during my tenure. I grew up in Ozark, AR and my wife and I are entertaining the idea of moving to Missouri or maybe elsewhere. I would like to speak with Mark about opportunities within his group. Please have him reach out to me at 916-257-6140, thank you and hopefully we can get together soon.


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