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    Judy C.

    Lincoln needs to come up with better options/packages, interior colors, and customer satisfaction. If I want heated and cool seats that should be in the same package. Two large options like the Vista roof and navigation should NOT be in the same package. I do NOT care for the glass roof with the sun on me (cancer), but I do like the navigation option. I should NOT have to get the most expensive car to get some of the options I want. The Ford is the same way. Where is the customer satisfaction? I do NOT care for black interior (claustrophobic) too dark/hot. The charcoal color is NOT much better. I wanted to see the hazelnut color interior, but my sales person would NOT show me. I want a good deal on another MKX, but the cars keep going up, and the cars keep getting cheaper materials—cheaply made. The floor mats are too small on the drivers side. The winter salt has stained the carpeting. There is a lot more plastic in the interior, and less leather on the dash. My husband worked for Ford Motor Company for over 35 years. The incentives are getting less and NO good deals. What is up with the new cars? So— the technology has improved, but the car has gotten cheaply made.
    I want a good deal on a new leased MKX 2018 or a 2019, please! I have leased 4 MKX and two Ford Edge in 11 years., low mileage (less than 15,000 miles when turned in 24 months), NO bumps or bruises, and clean interior on each of the 6 cars. I think I deserve a decent monthly payments and a decent down payment.
    2018 or a 2019 MKX Reserve
    $335 monthly payments $4,000 down payment for 24 months.
    Please make me a deal—Lease turn in by December 20, 2018.
    Thank you—-


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