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    Alysha Webb

    From a reader, Jerry Korum:
    I have been a partner or owned Dealerships since 1965. My experience is that most dealers get it wrong when considering or choosing successors. When buy-sells get executed and they do in fact work out, it is rare. Without a company like the “RAWLES COMPANY”” out of Florida a Dealer or Family can and usually does get into trouble.

    I am still a Dealer and have been involved in numerous Buy-Sell’s. I have been more lucky than good. I consult with lots of families, Father’s & Sons or Daughters and most Dealers Children are not trained nor equipped to be the successor. That old saying that the first generation gets it going, the second generation enjoys it and the third generation destroys it ! Sometimes true for sure but not always!

    The NADA Dealer academy is great with its teachings about Buy-Sell’s. I think that when the Academy has that segment, the Dealer him or herself should have to be at that class along with that person that they are sponsoring, MANDATORY with no exceptions!!!!


    Jerry Korum
    Korum Automotive Group



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